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Recycling & Waste Removal Services

Residential Curbside Recycling services are available by CGS Services, Inc. in the following Counties:

  • Bartholomew*
  • Decatur*
  • Fayette*
  • Franklin
  • Hamilton*
  • Hancock
  • Henry
  • Johnson*
  • Madison*
  • Marion*
  • Marion*
  • Ripley*
  • Rush
  • Shelby
  • Union
  • Wayne

*indicates limited services areas

Recycling Services

CGS Services, Inc. has a variety of curbside recycling packages for our residential customers. With this program we accept your general household type recycling. The various products are listed below. If you choose our sticker pickup program, these items can be placed in bags with the stickers on the bags; for our toter service program, you can place loose in the toter or bagged in the toter or if the bins are preferred, place in the bin loose or in bags again for pickup at the road side location. While you don’t have to bag your recyclables, the bags will keep them from blowing out of your container and prevent damage due to rain or contamination for other non-recyclable materials.

Guideline to Recycling Products

Household recyclables are included in this service. Most food containers that have the recycling symbol are acceptable as long as they are empty and free of the original content such as peanut butter.



Items included are:
  • Glass Jars — such as pickle jars, wine bottles. Perfume bottles, window glass or dishware are not acceptable in this program.
  • Plastic food containers — such as 2 liter pop bottles, soap detergent bottles – just rinse out.
  • Steel Food Cans lids and all — just rinse out any remaining contents.
  • Beverage containers — whether aluminum or plastic just need to be empty, then rinsed out, lids can be thrown in your recycling container as well.
  • Newspaper & Magazines — all these items are ready to go, as long as you have any foreign trash or debris you have wrapped or cleaned up with your newspaper. Once used in for example animal bedding, it must be disposed of not in the household recycling.
  • Junk Mail — is acceptable as well even those window envelopes.
    *Note – for privacy, you may want to tear off any address labels
  • Cardboard & Paperboard — includes all those shipping boxes, cereal boxes and gift boxes. Just remove the stuffing or plastic wrap and break down for ease in storage.

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Waste Removal

CGS Services, Inc. can provide a variety of waste removal services to meet the needs of our commercial and industrial clients. CGS Services Inc. provides a variety of residential waste removal packages in the listed counties. These services vary from weekly, bi-weekly and on-call service. Our clients have the choice of using their own containers, bags or CGS Services, Inc. toters to be set out for road side service.

If you are in need of an extra pickup for larger items or a larger volume, just call us at 800-453-5575 to schedule and confirm any additional billing requirements if necessary.

Guideline to Waste Removal

Small weekly or daily serviced containers can be provided for general office trash, plant, cafeteria or restaurant waste. These containers range in size from 2 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards. The same is true for your recycling needs.

Roll off containers are available for those heavy duty materials and switched out quickly due to our convenient location. Various truck scheduling can also be arranged is your needs are after the normal day shift. Roll off containers range in size from 10 cubic yard open tops to 40 cubic yards.

Self contained compactor containers are available to cut back on you trip charges should you generate materials that will compact. This is good for the environment and can be equally good for your cost per disposal unit in many cases.

Stationary compactor services are readily available for those plants having or needing these units.

We are happy to provide a waste audit to assist in ways to economically handle your waste and recycling from office recycling, cardboard, steel scrap, plastics and prep food waste.

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