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Recycling Containers for Office Buildings & Schools

CGS Services, Inc. provides a variety of recycling programs for commercial, industrial, residential and schools. Our programs typically consist of your basic recycling products to start with, such as your residential household recycling: plastic bottles, glass jars, newspaper, beverage cans, food cans, cardboard, paperboard and office paper.

These materials can be gathered in whatever manner is convenient for your facility and arranged for pickup weekly, bi-weekly, daily or monthly. The pickup can be made curbside, using a larger container and drop off.

Other items that we handle include:

  • Shrink Wrap
  • Metal Strapping
  • misc. container plastics
  • Prep food waste – vegetative only

Should you have quantities or other items you want to recycle, we can often find these materials a home as well. Contact us to pickup a sample of your product and we’ll go to work for you!

The various containers you see on this page are just a sample of what we can provide, call us for more products. Fees are based on quantity and type.

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